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Helpful tips and solutions. 

How to protect your home from pollen this spring?

While some people enjoy spring, others look forward to the end of the flowering period. 

Problem: condensation in the duct.

What if condensation builds up on the ducts? 

How to clean the air conditioner? (This must be done regularly!)

You have probably already appreciated the advantages of air conditioning and can't imagine how you lived without it in hot summers? Unfortunately, air conditioners, like all other devices, will let you down if you do not perform the necessary maintenance. Fortunately, these devices are easy and quick to clean. 

Noisiness of the ventilation system.

What does decibels depend on? 

Air intake and exhaust

  Where should they be designed?

Rational saving of electricity

Nowadays, the consumption of electricity due to significant increase in price is a hot topic.

In order to save money, we often hear suggestions to disconnect the recuperator. Is this solution really good?

How to choose recuperator filters?

Filters filters filters... how to choose and not get lost among the offers? Which ones are suitable for your place of residence? 

Installation steps of the ventilation system

We often get questions: how? when? after what? before what?

After all, what is the order of ventilation system, which is convenient for everyone? 

A reminder how to choose an air conditioner

A short note on what to consider when choosing an air conditioner