Other materials

  • Inspection doors and other materials. 

    Air Excellent AE34c DN75 duct cutting tool
    Code: 201100006618

    The cutting tool is designed for plastic flexible ducts with a diameter of 75 mm.
    Material: plastic. 

    15  VAT incl.
    Knife for blown polyethylene ducts
    Code: 188231

    Handy knife for blown polyethylene ducts. 

    4579  VAT incl.
    4997  You save 418 
    Door for recuperator, 300x300
    Code: ME4

    Doors for recuperator;
    Dimensions, mm: 300x300.

    4420  VAT incl.
    52  You save 780 
    Door to hide recuperator, 660x1100
    Code: ME3

    A door to hide the recuperator.
    Dimensions, mm: 660x1100. 

    14913  VAT incl.
    17545  You save 2632 
    Door to hide recuperator
    Code: ME

    The door to hide recuperator in the wall. 


    ME1, mm: 660×1100;
    ME2, mm: 660×1400.  

    17680  VAT incl.