Metal ducts

  • Metal ducts are designed to transport the air of the ventilation system. Ducts are characterized by low pressure losses. Spiral ducts of medium and larger diameters are stiffened by two small external spiral ridges. 

    Air duct OS3, 3 meters
    Code: SKU#157770618918777561

    Air ducts are designed to transport air of the ventilation system.
    OS3-d (spiral) made out of galvanized band steel, L-3000 mm. When air duct is manufactured are designed to be outside the duct, in this way vortexes are avoided to form inside the ducts. Furthermore, due to this design, air flow loss is reduced to minimum. Medium and higher diameter range ducts are harden with two small low angle pressed curvatures. 

    15  - 49  VAT incl.
    Flexible duct Combiflex PVC, L-10M
    Code: SKU#157847646921005091

    Material: multilayer aluminum foil strip spiral coil covered with polymer fiber.

    Operating temperature: -30 / +150 °C.

    The price is indicated for a roll, 10 m. 

    3999  - 75  VAT incl.