Blown polyethylene ducts

  • Outdoor and exhaust air ducts must be insulated with moisture-resistant heat/cold insulation for two reasons:

    • cold outdoor air can warm from the heated room, increasing the heat loss of this room;
    • room humidity to condense on the cooled duct surfaces.

    The recuperator should be placed as close as possible to the heated area, the body is thermally insulated to avoid heat loss with the surrounding environment.
    If the supply air is additionally heated (e.g. air heating), the supply air ducts must be in the heated area or must be insulated. 

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    Insulated duct Zehnder ComfoPipe Compact
    Code: SKU#169935708639067901

    Zehnder ComfoPipe Compact is a self-supporting and lightweight tube system for outdoor and exhaust air as well as supply and extract air.
    The connection system includes close-fitting, pluggable, and robust connections and has very high thermal insulation properties. In addition, the new Zehnder ComfoPipe Compact tube with its closed-cell and vapour-tight surface has a high leakage classification. Available in DN 125, 160 and 200. 

    2615  - 4265  VAT incl.
    Duct with coupling, EPS-X-1000
    Code: SKU#162548976868883971

    The duct is made of polystyrene foam, the sleeve is made of plastic.
    Length, m: 1;
    Diameters, mm: 125; 160. 

    28  - 2849  VAT incl.
    Blown polyethylene duct EPE Airfoam 2000 m
    Code: SKU#157925870975777811

    Insulated ducts are necessary parts of the ventilation system. They are used in air distribution systems for ventilation, heating or cooling to reduce heat loss or prevent condensation on or inside the duct. Ubbink has developed a full range of unique insulated EPE ducts and fittings that are extremely easy to install.

    Length: 2000 mm;

    Diameter: 125, 160, 180, 200 mm. 

    49  - 85  VAT incl.