Insulated duct Zehnder ComfoPipe Compact

  • Insulated duct Zehnder ComfoPipe Compact

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    Zehnder ComfoPipe Compact is a self-supporting and lightweight tube system for outdoor and exhaust air as well as supply and extract air.
    The connection system includes close-fitting, pluggable, and robust connections and has very high thermal insulation properties. In addition, the new Zehnder ComfoPipe Compact tube with its closed-cell and vapour-tight surface has a high leakage classification. Available in DN 125, 160 and 200. 

  • Technical speccifications:

    Material thickness, mm 15
    Heat transfer coefficient, λ 0.037 W/m2K
    Temperature range -25°C iki 60°C 
    Fire class B2
    Material Extruded polypropylene