Ventilation system sales, design and installation.

Installation and trade of air conditioning systems.

We value quality and durability, which is why we work only with materials from well-known manufacturers, because this is the only way we can provide You with a guarantee and comfort.

We specialize in ventilation and air conditioning systems for residential and commercial facilities.

We provide a guarantee and technical maintenance for the performed works and equipment.

We have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the field. 


We consult on all issues of installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems, we prepare an estimate without any obligations. We will present several offers with equipment specification, performance terms and price. We do not represent any manufacturer, so we remain objective and constructive. We believe that we can find the optimal solution for every budget.


We design ventilation and air conditioning systems taking into account customer's needs and the purpose of the premises, we are guided by construction regulations and standards. 


We can install the ventilation and air conditioning system quickly and efficiently. After the installation work, we measure the ventilation system - balancing, to achieve the best parameters. During the work, we keep in touch with the client at every stage of the work, so that the client knows the progress of all the work and we can make timely adjustments.


We sell:

Domekt, Brink Renovent, Zehnder, Salda, Brofer, Ensy, Flexit ventilation equipment;
Panasonic, Daikin, Midea, Gree, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, AlpicAir air conditioning equipment.


Many equipment producers' warranties are valid only if the equipment is properly maintained and serviced. We offer You maintenance of ventilation systems:

Changing air filters.
Cleaning the heat exchanger.
Cleaning the air diffusers.
System balancing.
In an unattended ventilation system, dust, dirt and bacteria accumulate on filters, fans and ducts, which can restrict airflow and increase ventilation costs. Regular maintenance ensures efficient operation and reduces the risk of breakdowns.


After the completion of the "Proventas" project, the obligations do not end. All products and services are guaranteed. We stay in touch with the customer to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.


Interested in delivering goods abroad? Write where and what to deliver and You wil receive an offer with best delivery price and terms. 
Or do You need a invoice with 0% VAT? We can make it. 

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