• The insulation is intended for insulating the surfaces of technological pipelines and tanks:

    • For refrigeration systems;
    • For air conditioning, ventilation systems;
    • For heating systems;
    • For water supply and sewage systems;
    • For solar heating systems.

    Insulation Rotoli K-Flex is sold in linear meters, 1 linear meter is 1.5 m2. 

    Tape ST 50x3x15
    Code: ST 50X3X15/12

    Adhesive tape ST is intended for sealing and insulating K-Flex insulation joints. 

    1249  VAT incl.
    ARMACELL insulating tape ACE TAPE 50x3 mm, L-15 m
    Code: 792200307

    Units of measurement: rolls 15 m.
    Dimensions: width = 50 mm, length = 15 m, thickness = 3 mm.
    Weight, kg: 0.236;
    Manufacturer: Armacell GmbH, Germany. 

    16  VAT incl.
    Insulation ROTOLI K-FLEX ST AD

    *The price is indicated for 1 running meter, 1 running meter is 1.5 m2;

    Anti-condensation insulation with adhesive surface.

    Insulation thickness, mm: 6, 8, 10, 12, 16.

    Temperature: -200, +105 degrees C;
    Average vapor conductivity: µ≥10000;
    Thermal conductivity at 0 degrees C: ʎ=0.033 W/m*K. 

    1199  - 2499  VAT incl.
    Adhesive insulation in a roll, ACE-13-99/EA
    Code: ACE-13-99/EA

    Thickness, mm: 13;
    Sold in packages.
    The package contains 8 m2, the dimensions of which are: length - 8 m, width - 1 m. 

    155  VAT incl.
    197  You save 42 
    Flexible duct insulation sleeve D76
    Code: ACE/P-13X076

    Armaflex insulation sleeve for D75 flexible duct.

    Insulation thickness 13 mm.

    The length of the shell is 2 meters. 

    960  VAT incl.