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    G4 class filters (2 pcs.) for Brofer recuperators RDCD25
    Code: G4 RDCD25

    G4 class filters (2 pcs.);
    Suitable for recuperators Brofer: RDCD25; RDCD25SK; RDCD25SKC; RDCD25SKH; RDCD25SKHC.

    Made in Lithuania. 

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    F7 class filter (1 pc.) for Brofer recuperators RDCD25
    Code: F7 RDCD25

    F7 class filter (1 pc.);
    Suitable for recuperators Brofer: RDCD25; RDCD25SK; RDCD25SKC; RDCD25SKH; RDCD25SKHC.

    Made in Lithuania. 

    1999  VAT incl.
    Air supply diffuser, Zehnder Luna S125
    Code: 705613125

    The Zehnder ComfoValve Luna S125 supply air valve provides comfortable indoor ventilation. Due to its optimised outflow behaviour (Coanda effect), the valve meets the perfect requirements in terms of comfort and noise, and is rounded off by a discreet, appealing design. Zehnder ComfoValve Luna S125 is suitable for installation in ceilings and walls. Due to an integrated rubber seal, the valve can be installed easily and achieves an air-tight fit. The valve can be adjusted for the required air volume using the "Flow Cone", a restrictor unit with optimised flow, without requiring any tools; this saves time during installation and start-up. The air volume setting is secured using the lock specially developed for this purpose; the setting therefore cannot be modified inadvertently. The valve protrudes just 30 mm in spite of the various volume flow settings, and it blends harmoniously and discreetly into any interior. 

    Suitable for stretch ceilings. 

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    M5 (ISO ePM2.5) grade activated carbon filter Flair 450/600
    Code: 532823

    ISO ePM2.5 (M5) activated carbon filter;
    Suitable for Brink Flair 450/600 recuperators.

    110  VAT incl.
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    Flair 450/600 filter grade F7 (ISO ePM1 50%)
    Code: 532812

    F7 (ISO ePM1 50%) class filter, 1 pc.
    The F7 particulate filter removes 99% of the smallest dust particles, including pollen, spores, hair, sand and textile threads, cement dust, pollen and dust mite droppings. The filter shall be used for medium to high dust loads. F7 filters are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.
    Suitable for BRINK Flair 450/600.

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    Low-profile junction box SLIMBOX-75x2
    Code: SLIMBOX-75x2

    The low-profile connection box SLIM BOX 75x2 enables the installation of diffusers in a space of only 14 cm (from the ceiling to the surface of the plaster ceiling). The box is suitable for 125 mm connection diffusers.

    This is especially relevant when it is desired to lower the plaster ceiling to a minimum.

    The box is installed on the ceiling like a standard junction box. Then the diffuser is inserted into the box connection duct and plasterboards are screwed.

    The connecting duct of the SLIM BOX box is 2 cm long. So you can adjust the installation height within 14 - 16 cm.

    Duct connection flanges have EPDM sealing gaskets. 

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