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    Ventmann gypsum diffuser Circle
    Code: CIRCLE

    Frameless CIRCLE diffusers are the most versatile solution for
    every room and interior design style. It is the most popular choice,
    stylistically completely non-binding, blending perfectly with the environment.
    Various connecting pipes are available: 100, 125, 160 mm. 

    45  - 109  VAT incl.
    G4 class filter set (2 pcs.) Renovent Excellent 300/400
    Code: 15411006

    G4 (ISO coarse 60%) class wire filter set;
    Dimensions, mm: 525x185;
    Suitable for recuperators BRINK Renovent Excellent 300/400/450;
    The price is indicated for the set, 2 pcs. 

    21  VAT incl.
    2347 You save 247
    G4 class filters (2 pcs.) for Brofer recuperators RDCD25
    Code: G4 RDCD25

    G4 class filters (2 pcs.);
    Suitable for recuperators Brofer: RDCD25; RDCD25SK; RDCD25SKC; RDCD25SKH; RDCD25SKHC.

    Made in Lithuania. 

    2057 VAT incl.
    2420 You save 363
    Air Excellent 2x AE34C Valve Adaptor 125mm 180°
    Code: 188399

    An AE34C (DN75/63mm) duct accessory. Use AE34C seal and click rings to make airtight mechanical connections (airtightness class D = ATC 2 up to +/- 2000 Pa).

    Low system pressure loss due to radial design Airtightness class D/ATC 2 up +/- 2000 Pa, which minimises fan energy use and sound production Modular manifolds, which can be used with all duct types Semi-rigid ducts on a roll and airtight mechanical connections, which are extremely easy to install TÜV SÜD and ISEGA tested and certified, REACH compliant 
    3202 VAT incl.
    3557 You save 355
    Remote control Brink Air Control
    Code: 510498

    Recuperator controller Brink Air Control:

    Fan speed regulation;
    Recuperator working time programming;
    Setting ventilation modes;
    Filter replacement indicator;
    Language selection;
    Fault mapping;
    Warranty: 2 years.

    Suitable for all BRINK Renovent recuperators. 

    29585 VAT incl.
    Diffuser box D160MM, 3 branches
    Code: RC3x75-300

    Metal diffuser box DN 160 mm with 3 pcs. connecting ducts DN 75 mm. L=300 mm, box height 8 cm. 

    1999 VAT incl.
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    Remote control panel TPC V2
    Code: ACC007602

    The TPC V2 control panel is used for the control of ventilation units with PRV2 and MCB type boards.  

    TPC V2 5m remote control panel can be used with MCB and PRV2 type control boards.

    Suitable units:

    RIS EKO 3.0 RIRS EKO 3.0 Smarty 
    99  VAT incl.
    128  You save 29 
    Recuperator Salda AHU000116 CGT169 SMARTY 4X P 1.1
    Code: AHU000116 CGT169

    Energy class - A;
    Counterflow heat exchanger;
    Installation: to the ceiling;
    Suitable for an area up to 320 square meters;
    Maximum air flow, m³/h: 320;
    Manufacturer: UAB SALDA, Lithuania. 

    2199  VAT incl.
    2991  You save 792 
    Recuperator Salda AHU000118 CGT172 SMARTY 4X V 1.1
    Code: AHU000118 CGT172

    Energy class - A;
    Counterflow heat exchanger;
    Installation: on the wall/on the floor;
    Suitable for an area up to 320 square meters. m.
    Maximum air flow, m³/h: 320
    Manufacturer: UAB SALDA, Lithuania. 

    2199  VAT incl.
    2960  You save 761 
    Wall grille Vanessa
    Code: VANESSA

    Steel internal grilles, painted RAL 9003;
    External dimensions, mm: 280x130;
    Internal dimensions, mm: 241x91;
    Suitable for Plug Galaxy and PVMPB 250x100. 

    42  VAT incl.
    4840 You save 640
    Wall grille Ginevra
    Code: GINEVRA

    Steel interior grilles, painted RAL9003;
    External dimensions, mm: 280x130;
    Internal dimensions, mm: 241x91;
    Suitable for PLUGGALAXY and PLUGPVMPB 250x100. 

    31  VAT incl.
    3630 You save 530
    Ventmann gypsum diffuzer LINE2
    Code: SKU#159704935836519171

    LINE model diffusers are an elegant and flexible interior design solution.
    Using this model, it’s possible to create strikingly unique interior elements or, in contrast,
    make the diffuser almost invisible. 
    These diffusers can be used for both air supply and exhaust. 
    Made in Lithuania. 

    149  - 249  VAT incl.
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