Blown polyethylene duct EPE Airfoam 2000 m

  • Blown polyethylene duct EPE Airfoam 2000 m

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    Insulated ducts are necessary parts of the ventilation system. They are used in air distribution systems for ventilation, heating or cooling to reduce heat loss or prevent condensation on or inside the duct. Ubbink has developed a full range of unique insulated EPE ducts and fittings that are extremely easy to install.

    Length: 2000 mm;

    Diameter: 125, 160, 180, 200 mm. 

  • Features:

    Especially light;
    Easy to cut and elastic, shock-resistant (i.e. no bends remain);
    Tightly insulated;
    Low pressure losses due to the particularly smooth inner surface;
    Stainless steel;
    Compact mechanical connections (i.e. no need for tape or gaskets);
    It is easy to disassemble, which makes it very easy to carry out maintenance work.

    Technical data:

    Material: EPE;
    Length, m: 2;
    Density, kg/m3: 30;
    Heat transfer coefficient: 0.041 W/m. K (EN 12667);
    Temperature range: min. -30 degrees C, max. +60 degrees C;
    Wall thickness, mm: 16 mm;
    Fire class: B1 (EN 4102);
    Reaction to fire: Class E (EN 13501).