Rational saving of electricity

  • Rational saving of electricity

    Nowadays, the consumption of electricity due to significant increase in price is a hot topic.

    In order to save money, we often hear suggestions to disconnect the recuperator. Is this solution really good?

    If the house is A+ and higher, turning off the recuperator can do a lot of damage instead of reducing electricity costs. Due to the tightness of the building, the walls do not "breathe" and if the ventilation is turned off, it is likely that in the cold season, excessivehuminidy (dew windows) and mold will appear in the premises.

    What to do if you still need to minimize electrical consumption? Here are some tips:

    • Set ventilation hours. No need to ventilate the home 24/7. It is not necessary when there is no one at home. Analyze when you are most often at home and determine the ventilation hours (night, morning, afternoon).
    • Adjust the ventilation strength. I already wrote that on hot summer days it is quite possible to cool the house with the recuperative system by turning on the maximum mode at night, when the weather cools down, but minimum revolutions are completely sufficient in the cold season.
    • View other electrical appliances. For example the air conditioner also uses electricity in standby mode (about 1W/h).

    However, our team would like to invite you to save electricity not only for money, but also for ecology. Clarification of needs and logical settings will save not one euro, but will not burden our planet.