Noisiness of the ventilation system.

  • Noisiness of the ventilation system.

    What does decibels depend on? 

    Noise pollution is becoming a critical problem in many cities around the world. 20% of the European population suffers from long-term noise levels that are harmful to health. The prognosis, regardless of the policy goals related to environmental noise, is bleak - it is unlikely that noise in cities will decrease.

    So it is normal that people want peace and quiet at home. When building a new house, on the one hand, it is easy to ensure a low noise level due to the requirements for newly constructed buildings that came into force in 2021: mandatory A++ energy efficiency class, which will protect your home from external (outdoor) noise (windows with high thermal parameters, general high tightness of the building, mandatory ventilation systems, etc.), on the other hand - another source of noise appears in the house/apartment - the recuperator. When installing the ventilation system, we very often get questions about the air supply/extraction diffusers and their noise, the amount of air extracted/supplied, because it depends on whether the recuperation will work quietly.

    I would like to emphasize that recuperation is a system in which several elements are connected: ducts, recuperator, silencers, distribution boxes and only at the final stage - diffusers. It is naive to expect that only by installing quality diffusers you will avoid excessive noise.

    So what is needed to ensure comfort at home?

    • The entire system must be accurately calculated by estimating the volume of the premises and the number of people living.
    • Quality materials and equipment are selected. Important! Properly selected performance of the ventilation device. Without this performance margin, the recuperator will run at high rpm, use more electricity and make more noise.
    • The installation was done flawlessly.
    • Installed diffusers and adjusted air flows.
    • The recuperator parameters are set according to the rhythm of your family's life (not auto mode).