How to choose recuperator filters?

  • How to choose recuperator filters?

    Filters filters filters... how to choose and not get lost among the offers? Which ones are suitable for your place of residence? 

    Firstly, start with contractual marking. The frequently encountered notation F7, G4, M5 is outdated. Since 2018, the new standard has entered into force, which divides filters into the following classes: ePM1, ePM2.5, ePM10, Coarse. More about each one below:

    • G4 class / Coarse 65% - recommended to change every 6 months, for exhaust air. Why do you need an exhaust air filter? Due to environmental protection requirements and protection of the recuperator so that dust does not enter it.
    • Class M5 / ePM10 50% - recommended replacement every 4 months. It captures medium-sized dust, fluff and most pollen. The most suitable for the daily protection of your home;
    • Class F7 / ePM1 70% - recommended to change every 2 months. Holds the smallest dust and pollen. Often referred to as anti-allergic filters.

    The higher the filter class, the more expensive it is and the more often it needs to be changed.

    It is worth noting that the duration of filter operation also depends on the settlement and its pollution, for example: residents of the city of Vilnius should change filters no less often than specified in the recommendation or more often, while in Druskininkai - even less often.

    You will find original manufacturers' filters (Komfovent, Brink Renovent) and high-quality analogues (for Brofer recuperators) in our e-shop.