Air intake and exhaust

  • Air intake and exhaust

      Where should they be designed?

    Normally, the following rules will be followed when designing a ventilation system:

    • fresh air is supplied to living areas: living room, bedroom, children's rooms, workroom;
    • removed from more polluted/moist areas: kitchen, bathroom/toilet rooms, pantry, wardrobes, vestibule.

    Is it possible to do both air supply and extraction in the same room?

    There is no need to do this in modern systems. If you design the air supply and extraction to the living areas, the performance of the system and the recuperator will increase. As a result, the noise level will increase, and additional costs due to excess ventilation will appear. During the heating season, you may feel that the air is dry.

    However, if you are designing a ventilation system in a house where larger rooms are planned, this is really a great solution. This will create constant air circulation in the room. And the problem of noise will be solved by suitable noise suppressors. It is worth noting that such a solution increases the cost of the estimate.