How to clean the air conditioner? (This must be done regularly!)

  • How to clean the air conditioner? (This must be done regularly!)

    You have probably already appreciated the advantages of air conditioning and can't imagine how you lived without it in hot summers? Unfortunately, air conditioners, like all other devices, will let you down if you do not perform the necessary maintenance. Fortunately, these devices are easy and quick to clean. 

     Why is it necessary to clean the air conditioner filter?

    Every air conditioner has a filter that protects the unit by cleaning the air that circulates through it. Over time, it becomes clogged with dust. If you do not clean the filters for a long time, dust will accumulate and eventually block the flow of cold air, so your air conditioner will become less efficient, which will increase electricity consumption.

    How to clean the indoor unit?

    * Wipe the dust from the surface of the device dry with a cloth;
    * Open the front cover of the indoor unit, you will see the filters. Take them out.
    * Set the vacuum cleaner on medium level and vacuum the dust. Do this carefully so as not to damage the mesh.
    * If left - wipe with a cloth.
    * If it was very dirty, it is worth cleaning with a wet method. Soak in water or in a solution made of one part water and one part white vinegar. Keep up to an hour. Dry it up.

    !!! If you have washed the filter with water, it is necessary to dry it very well before installing it in the device. A wet filter can cause mold inside the unit.

    !!! Do not spray any perfume on the filters or inside the unit.