Recuperator BRINK Renovent Excellent 400

  • Recuperator BRINK Renovent Excellent 400

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    Productivity, m3/h: 400;
    Heat return, %: 95;
    Installation: vertical;
    Energy class: A+;
    Power cable (external): 3x1.5 mm2;
    Voltage, V/Hz: ~220-240/50. 

    Brink Climate Systems
  • Renovent Excellent recuperators manufactured in Holland, the birthplace of recuperators, with cross-counterflow heat exchangers return up to 95% of the heat from the used air to the house. For cooling in summer, they have a built-in air bypass valve (Bypass). Thanks to the constant current fan motors, they consume very little electricity. The Constant Flow system maintains a constant selected balanced amount of air, resulting in a long-term high efficiency, and the start-up and adjustment of the unit is very simple.
    Renovent Excellent ventilation units are hung on the wall or placed on a frame.

    Technical characteristics:

    Heat recovery efficiency up to 95%;
    Tested according to EN13141-7, EN308;
    DIBt Certificate: Yes;
    Energy efficiency class A+;
    Passive house certificate: yes;
    Highest efficiency in all conditions due to the constant air balance support system Brink Constant Flow;
    Polymer plate cross-counter air flow heat exchanger, due to which the structure does not mix air flows and odors;
    100% air bypass damper for free indoor cooling during summer nights;
    Unique protection against freezing of the heat exchanger Brink Inteligent Frost Protection, which ensures the lowest energy costs in cold weather;
    Silent operation;
    Constant current EC technology fans with backward curved blades are the most efficient of EC fans;
    Dimensions, mm: 765x677x564;
    Weight, kg: 38;
    Duct connection diameter, mm: 4x180;
    Integrated outdoor air heater, W: 1000;
    Possibility to connect RH sensor: yes;
    Possibility to connect 2 zones control system by time: yes;
    Online control: with Brink Home.

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