Recuperator Zehnder ComfoAir Q450 ERV TR Enthalpy

  • Recuperator Zehnder ComfoAir Q450 ERV TR Enthalpy

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    Plate enthalpy heat exchanger - returns humidity to the premises.
    Steel body - ensures quiet operation.
    Efficiency up to 90% - suitable for A++ class houses.
    Maximum air flow 450 m³/h (200Pa) - suitable for homes up to 260 m².
    Passive house institute certificate.
    The electric heating element is supplied separately.
    Country of origin: Germany.
    Warranty: 2 years. 

  • Zehnder ComfoAir Q is an efficient, quiet, and intelligent ventilation device that heralds a new era in ventilation systems. Whether it's for a new building or a renovation, this unit ensures a healthy indoor climate for both single-family and multi-family homes.

    One of the key features of the Zehnder ComfoAir Q is its rotor with a larger surface area, enabling maximum heat recovery and reducing resistance, thereby lowering energy consumption. This results in more effective heat return and reduced costs.

    Moreover, this device boasts the quietest fans in the market and optimal airflow for nearly imperceptible ventilation. This is particularly crucial for indoor comfort and peace of mind.

    The Zehnder ComfoAir Q is also versatile; it can be installed in a left- or right-hand configuration, offering a wide range of options during the planning and installation of the ventilation system. It's the ideal solution for an efficient and modern ventilation system in your home.


    • Climate Switch technology is an excellent solution for every season, providing protection against overheating in summer and equalizing heat recovery in winter. This innovative technology ensures the best automatically regulated indoor climate throughout the year.
    • One of the most significant benefits is clean air, guaranteed by a built-in filter that prevents even the smallest particles from entering. This ensures that the inhaled air is always fresh and clean, enhancing overall indoor air quality.
    • Climate Switch also introduces a sixth sense, a new and patented system utilizing innovative sensor technology. This technology automatically regulates the amount of air supplied and removed, ensuring a balanced airflow and maximum heat recovery. This contributes to maintaining an optimal temperature and effectively managing energy use.
    • Additionally, quick and easy configuration is another advantage. An intuitive wizard with step-by-step setup instructions and an automatic self-test make system startup straightforward and efficient, without complicated procedures. This ensures user convenience and optimal system performance.


    • integrated equipment controller;
    • smart equipment applincation on the phone (Comfoconnect app), additionally equipped with the LAN C module;
    • other additional controls are also available: ComfoSense C control panel, smart home connection, etc. - for purchase, please contact

    Technical data:

    Dimensions (WxDxH), mm: 725x570x850;
    Connection: 4xØ160 mm;
    Filersi: G4 + F7.

    The recuperator does not need condensate drainage.

    Modulating bypass valve.