Recuperator Komfovent Domekt-R-400-V C6M

  • Recuperator Komfovent Domekt-R-400-V C6M

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    Maximal air flow 381 m3/h;
    Optimal ventilation area, m2: till 120;
    A energy class;
    Residential ventilation unit with rotary heat exchanger for northern climate countries;
    Smart C6M control system;
    Fits into a 600 mm wide space;
    Very quiet (33 dBA at 3 m distance);
    Condensing rotary heat exchanger effectively recovers the heat in low temperatures, maintains an optimal indoor microclimate, regenerates humidity in winter;
    Sorption-enthalpy rotary heat exchanger with zeolite coating effectively saves heat and cold, controls the humidity in the room while maintaining the optimal comfort level.

  • Technical data:

    Energy class A
    Maximal air flow, m³/h 381
    Optimal ventilation area, m2 iki 120
    Noise power level, dB 43
    Case wall thickness, mm 30
    Unit weight, kg 49
    Unit dimentions BxHxL, mm 495x562x598
    Filters dimentions BxHxL, mm 428x231x46
    Supply voltage, V 230
    Maximal operating current HE, A 6,5
    Thermal efficiency of heat recovery, % 85
    Maintenance space, mm 600
    Heat exchanger aluminium, condensing rotor
    Type of heat exchanger  rotary heat exchanger
    Duct connection, mm vertical, 4×160, 1×125
    Electric air heater
    Rotor speed control (new)
    Duct connection branches plastic (new)
    Buckles and handles two in one (new)
    Aerodynamic shape sensors (new)
    Controller C6M (new)