Recuperator Komfovent Domekt-R-450-V C6M

  • Recuperator Komfovent Domekt-R-450-V C6M

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    Maximal air flow 496 m3/h;
    A+ energy class;
    Optimal ventilation area, m2: 140-180;
    Smart C6M control system;
    Residential ventilation unit with rotary heat exchanger for northern climate countries;
    Passive house certificate;
    5-th duct connection for bathroom extraction;
    Condensing rotary heat exchanger effectively recovers the heat in low temperatures, maintains an optimal indoor microclimate, regenerates humidity in winter;
    Sorption-enthalpy rotary heat exchanger with zeolite coating effectively saves heat and cold, controls the humidity in the room while maintaining the optimal comfort level.

  • Technical data:

    Energy class A+
    Maximum air flow, m³/h 496
    Optimal ventilation area, m2 up to 180
    Noise level, dB 44
    Unit weight, kg 60
    Unit dimensions BxHxL, mm 585x655x680
    Filter dimensions BxHxL, mm 517x278x46
    Electric voltage, V 230
    Maximum amperage, A 6.5
    Temperature efficiency, % 86
    Maintenance space, mm 700
    Electric air heater
    Remote controls C6.1, C6.2

    Komfovent Domekt R Series:

    Updated Domekt R 400 V and Domekt R 400 H units. One of the main objectives of the upgrade is to increase the unit's performance to suit larger rooms and to minimise the unit's width to fit within the standard 600 mm width of kitchen, cloakroom or boiler room furniture.

    • New cabinet design: embossed logo, nicer door corners, recessed cupboards that do not protrude from the door.
    • Newly designed locks without thermal bridges seal the door more tightly and can be easily opened with updated handles.  
    • Plastic duct connections provide better sealing and reduce thermal bridging.  
    • Additional air extraction spigot for short-term removal of contaminated air from the cooker or bathroom. For short-term use from the stove and from the bathroom. 

    Quieter variable speed rotary heat exchanger

    • 0..10 V variable speed rotary heat exchanger control.
    • Adjusting the speed of the heat exchanger to suit your needs reduces wear and tear on its components and reduces energy consumption.
    • The rotary heat exchanger is more durable.
    • More precise control of the supply air temperature during transient periods. 

    More accurate measurements - precise control

    • Aerodynamically shaped sensors for more precise airflow measurement.
    • To simplify installation, all temperature sensors are internally integrated and maintenance-free.
    • Improved sensor mounting ensures stability in the event of high airflow or vibrations.
    • This avoids unnecessary fluctuations in temperature and flow measurement.

    New generation C6M controller

    • More accurate CAV airflow measurement and maintenance in real time.
    • More precise maintenance of the desired temperature.
    • Reduced power consumption.
    • Fast and secure network connection.

    An efficient heat exchanger:

    Under normal conditions, the rotary drill does not freeze: no additional heating of the outside air is required, even when the outside air temperature drops below -20 °C. The rotary heat exchanger is also efficient in saving cold during summer, significantly reducing air conditioning costs.

    Low noise level:

    Domekt R ventilation units are manufactured with quiet running fans in a noise-insulating housing, which ensures low overall noise levels.

    Humidity balance:

    Under normal conditions, condensation does not form in a rotary heat exchanger because excess moisture is removed to the outside and some moisture is returned to the indoors. During the cold season, the indoor air is less dehumidified and the humidity balance is maintained. No condensation is formed and no drainage is required, simplifying installation.

    Energy-efficient EC rotor motors:

    All rotary heat exchangers are manufactured with EC motors, which save energy and ensure smooth rotor rotation and control.

    Remote control:

    In addition to the control panel, the devices can be controlled remotely via a browser on your computer or mobile devices. The Komfovent Home app has been specially developed for convenient control of the devices.

    Low noise level:

    DOMEKT units use perfectly balanced, uniquely designed fans. All components are aerodynamically tuned. The mineral wool and special composite materials used in the housing absorb noise and ensure quiet operation.

    Reliability and durability:

    Double corrosion protection - the body of the plant is made of galvanised sheet metal and powder-coated. Fan motors and automation are protected against moisture and dust and durable bearings are used.