Recuperator Komfovent Domekt-R-250-F C8

  • Recuperator Komfovent Domekt-R-250-F C8

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    A energy class;
    Maximal air flow 250 m3/h;
    Optimal ventilation area, m2: up to 100;
    Noise level, dB: 48;
    Compact size;
    Warranty: 3 years;
    Manufacturer: UAB Komfovent, Lietuva.

  • Techniniai duomenys:

    Energy class A
    Maximal air flow, m³/h 250
    Optimal ventilation area, m2 up to 100
    Manufacturer UAB Komfovent, Lietuva
    Unit weight, kg 42
    Unit dimensions BxHxL, mm 602x310x842
    Filters dimensions BxHxL, mm 278x258x46
    Supply voltage, V 230
    Maximal operating current HE, A 6
    Thermal efficiency of heat recovery, % 80
    Maintenance space, mm 300
    Noise power level, dB(A) 48
    Heat exchanger condensing or sorption
    Type of heat exchanger  rotary heat exchanger

    Komfovent Domekt series:

    Energy saving:

    The DOMEKT series uses only the most advanced and efficient EC (electronically commutated) fans, high-efficiency rotary and counter-current plate heat exchangers, air filters with large filtration area and C6 intelligent automation. All of these components significantly reduce energy consumption, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate.

    Low noise levels:

    Domekt R ventilation units are manufactured with quiet running fans in a noise-insulating housing, which ensures low overall noise levels.

    Humidity balance:

    Under normal conditions, no condensation will form in the rotary heat exchanger, as excess moisture is removed to the outside and some of the moisture is returned to the room. During the cold season, the indoor air is less dehumidified and the humidity balance is maintained. No condensation is formed and no drainage is required, simplifying installation.

    Energy efficient EC rotor motors:

    All rotary heat exchangers are manufactured with EC motors, which save energy and ensure smooth rotor rotation and control.

    Remote control:

    In addition to the control panel, the units can be controlled remotely via a browser on your computer or mobile devices. The Komfovent Home app has been specially developed for convenient control of the devices.

    Low noise levels:

    DOMEKT units use perfectly balanced, uniquely designed fans. All components of the unit are aerodynamically tuned. Mineral wool and special composite materials used in the enclosures absorb noise and ensure quiet operation.

    Reliability and durability:

    Double corrosion protection - the housing is made of galvanised sheet metal and powder-coated. Fan motors and automation are protected against moisture and dust and durable bearings are used.