Ventmann gypsum diffuzer LINE3

  • Ventmann gypsum diffuzer LINE3

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    LINE model diffusers are an elegant and flexible interior design solution.
    Using this model, it’s possible to create strikingly unique interior elements or, in contrast,
    make the diffuser almost invisible. 
    These diffusers can be used for both air supply and exhaust. 

    Made in Lithuania. 

  • The smoothed frameless slotted plaster diffusers LINE are easily adapted to various interiors.
    The facade part of the diffusers is sanded, plastered and painted together with the entire painted surface.
    These diffusers can be used for both air supply and exhaust.
    Segmentally connected to a continuous diffuser of unlimited length, which creates a seamless image without any connecting gaps or edges.
    Easily connected at various angles.

    Technical data:
    Number of slits: 3 pcs.
    Slot width, mm: 12 or 18;
    Standard slit lengths, m: 0.625/1.00/1.25;
    Duct connection diameters, mm: 125/160.

    The dimensions of the junction boxes are in the photo.

    3D visualizations: Made in Lithuania.