Ventmann circle gypsum diffuser SIDE

  • Ventmann circle gypsum diffuser SIDE

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    The unique design of SIDE diffuser models ensures air distribution on the plane surface
    on which they are mounted. SIDE duct diffusers are also attractive as interior design
    solutions – their caps can be mounted in a circular or a square shape. It is also a practical solution.

  • All Ventmann diffusers are the first on the market that can be plastered and painted together with the entire surface. In addition, even standard SIDE models can be adapted to your needs:

    Round or square wall mounted diffuser – you can choose the shape of the cap per your or your customer’s design requirements.

    • 100mm or 125mm – these are the smallest standard connection nozzle diameters you can select.
    • 160mm – this is the medium diameter of the standard connection nozzle that you can select.

    Industrial strength magnets – the diffuser cap is supported by magnets that do not lose their strength for 95 years.
    SIDE model diffusers provide comfortable air flow when mounted on wall or ceiling. Although we recommend choosing them for wall-mounted projects, there’s nothing keeping you from placing them in the ceiling.

    SIDE models disperse air along any surface, creating an air flow that doesn’t blow directly onto any object. Rather, the air circulates naturally, creating an imperceptible air flow.

    Made in Lithuania.