Tube Holder ComfoFix Link for Zehnder ComfoPipe

  • Tube Holder ComfoFix Link for Zehnder ComfoPipe

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    With the Zehnder ComfoFix link tube holder, air distribution tubes can be installed quickly and easily – no matter whether in the floor, wall or ceiling. What's more, a whole host of extension options enable air distribution tubes to be installed in a compact and structured manner. The slightly curved shape of the Zehnder ComfoFix link also means that it can be installed by just one person – simply by clicking the tube into place.

    Zehnder ComfoFix link – the first tube holders that can be stacked vertically, enabling the flexible, fast and compact installation of air distribution systems. 

  • Advantages:

    • Flexible installation: can be fastened to floors, walls or ceilings.
    • Multiple combinations: easy to stack vertically or place side by side by combining multiple tube holders.
    • Structured and compact installation: tubes are also laid in an uncoupled configuration to avoid noise transmission.
    • Quick and easy installation: pre-assembling the tube holders makes it easy to reliably fasten the tube in place straight from the roll with just one click. (Ceiling installation by just one person).
    • Problem solver: tough installations (bends, junctions between walls and ceilings) are as easy as can be.
    • Installation with fix pins/masonry nails: flexible installation with fix pins (masonry nails) and/or screws.
    • Secure installation: no damage to the tube due to the mounting being too firm, and no risk of injury to the installer. No sharp, pointy edges.