Smart control panel FLEX PRV

  • Smart control panel FLEX PRV

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    The FLEX PRV control panel is used for the control of ventilation units with PRV-type boards. 

    Suitable units:

    • RIS 3.0
    • RIRS 3.0
    • RIS EKO 3.0
    • RIRS EKO 3.0
    • VEGA
  • Control possibilities and features:

    • Alarm indication.
    • Indication of the temperatures, humidity, and pressure for ambient, room, exhaust, and supply air.
    • Automatic recognition of the controlled unit.
    • Program the unit operation modes for one week.
    • Set the temperature for supply or extracted airflow.
    • Set fan motor rotation speed.
    • Indication for the plate heat exchanger’s antifreeze protection.
    • Monochromic display.
    • Surface mounting.