Recuperator Zehnder ComfoAir 375 ERV Enthalpy

  • Recuperator Zehnder ComfoAir 375 ERV Enthalpy

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    Enthalpy heat exchanger - returns humidity to the premises.
    Tinned EPP housing - ensures quiet operation.
    Efficiency up to 80% - suitable for A++ class houses.
    Maximum air flow 375 m³/h (200Pa) - suitable for homes up to 160 m².
    Control panel and panel connection cable included.
    Integrated heating element.
    Country of origin: Germany.
    Warranty: 2 years. 

  • Zehnder ComfoAir Standard ventilation units ensure an optimal level of indoor air quality by balancing the supply of fresh air and the removal of used air. Additionally, the new heat exchanger in the ComfoAir Standard unit allows for the recovery of heat from warm and humid air in kitchens and bathrooms, redistributing it as clean air to bedrooms and living rooms. This air is also filtered to remove pollutants from the external environment.

    Fans integrated into ComfoAir Standard units ensure maximum energy efficiency with minimal energy consumption and low noise levels. This unit is available for purchase with either a standard HRV heat exchanger or an ERV enthalpy exchanger.


    • Compact design with simplicity and clear lines.
    • Automatic bypass damper.
    • Automatic antifreeze system.
    • External control panel (ComfoSense, SA 0-3V).
    • Integrated screen on the body.
    • Adjustable connectors 160 mm.
    • ISO ePM1 / ISO Coarse filters (F7 / G4).
    • Condensate drainage 32 mm.
    • Outer shell: steel sheet and ABS, inner material EPP and ABS.

    Technical data:

    Dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 702x572x845.
    Connection: 4xØ160 mm.
    Filters: G4 + F7.