Recuperator Zehnder ComfoAir 200 V Enthalpy

  • Recuperator Zehnder ComfoAir 200 V Enthalpy

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    Enthalpy heat exchanger - returns humidity to the premises.
    Tinned EPP housing - ensures quiet operation.
    Efficiency up to 80% - suitable for A++ class houses.
    Maximum air flow 260 m³/h (100Pa) - suitable for homes up to 120 m².
    Complete with a control panel.
    Integrated heating element.
    Passive house institute certificate.
    Country of origin: Germany.
    Warranty: 2 years. 

  • Zehnder ComfoAir 200 Luxe VV is a central, compact ventilation unit with heat recovery, built-in By-pass, and pre-heater. The ComfoAir 200 is suitable for both new and older buildings, including renovations, and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. This device offers high comfort, simple control, and excellent efficiency. The main component of the ComfoAir 200 unit is a cross-counterflow plastic heat exchanger with a heat recovery rate of up to 95%. The device is connected to the bottom and top through 4 DN 125 connections.


    • The device's efficiency reaches 210 m³/h at a pressure of 200Pa.
    • Heat recovery reaches up to 95%.
    • Moisture recovery is ensured by a Zehnder enthalpy heat exchanger.
    • The device is characterized by low energy consumption due to the use of EC DC motors.
    • Automatic By-pass and has automatic anti-freeze regulation.
    • The device has an integrated electric heater.
    • Installation and maintenance are quick and safe.
    • There is an option to expand the wireless control function.
    • The ComfoSense control panel provides convenience.

    Technical data:

    Dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 544x323.5x1200;
    Connection: 4xØ125 mm.
    Filters: G4 + F7.
    The recuperator does not need condensate drainage.