Recuperator with enthalpy heat exchanger Brofer RDCD25SKCE

  • Recuperator with enthalpy heat exchanger Brofer RDCD25SKCE

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    Energy class - A+;
    Noise level, dB: 39;
    Wireless control (the remote control is included in the package);
    Maximum air flow, m³/h: 200;
    Manufacturer: SRL. Brofer, Italy.

  • “Broker” recuperator with enthalpic heat exchanger, with maximum airflow 180 m3/h at 100 Pa;
    Efficiency up to 81.1 %;
    Maximum electrical power – 60 W (230 V);
    The units are equipped with standard filter cells synthetic fiber efficiency G4, optional F7 efficiency on fresh air.
    Wireless plug and play controls system included;
    Automatic BY-PASS; EC fans;
    Installation horizontal-vertical-right-left;
    Performance class A++;
    Sound level: 39 dB;
    Dimensions, mm: 1005 x 595 x 277; 
    Weight 30 kg.

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