Recuperator Salda SMARTY 3X V 1.1

  • Recuperator Salda SMARTY 3X V 1.1

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    Energy class - A+;
    Maximum air flow, m³/h: 394;
    Heat and sound insulation, mm: 30;
    Manufacturer: UAB SALDA, Lithuania. 


    Smarty 3X V 1.1 designed for ventilation of apartments and houses up to approximately 150 m2. Compact size (599x538x810 mm) enables to save space for the other equipment by installing above standard household electronic appliances like washing machines. Other installation options: on the ground (legs are optional accessory).

    Integrated pre-heater 1,200 W is used for frost protection. Min. outdoor air temperature: -15C.

    An efficient plastic counter-flow heat exchanger of Smarty 3X V 1.1 HRVU reaches 89 % of the heat recovery rate according to Ecodesing calculations. EC fans use only 0.272 W/(m³/h).

    Airtight casing from EPP minimizes leakages both internally and externally. Airtightness is tested at the production line thus ensuring that no smells from the extracted air will return to the premises. Due to EPP insulation unit weighs only 42 kg, thus making installation easier.

    Standard filter set: Coarse 65%. Optionally ePM1 70% supply air filter is available for efficient filtration of pollens and combustion particles.

    The HRVU can be controlled by an external control panel (accessory), via the internet (accessory required), or via mobile app (accessory required). The timer is integrated into the unit's control board for energy-friendly control. External CO2, relative humidity, and presence sensors can be connected for automatic ventilation control.

    Smarty XV has 2 versions: Smarty XV 1.1 and Smarty XV 1.2. Version 1.1 is equipped with an integrated pre-heater and RH sensor. In addition, pressure switches are installed on the 1.1 version for constant airflow/air pressure modes.


    Compact size saves space for installation in auxiliary premises.
    Can be installed under on the wall, or on the ground (legs – accessory).
    Efficient Counter-flow heat exchanger – 89 %
    Low energy consumption – SPI only 0.272 W/(m³/h).
    Airtight construction. A1 Class. No returned smells.
    Passivhaus Institute certified performance