Recuperator BRINK Renovent Flair 400 ENTHALPY

  • Recuperator BRINK Renovent Flair 400 ENTHALPY

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    Enthalpy plate heat exchanger;
    Energy class: A+;
    Installation: wall;
    Maximum device performance, m³/h: 400 (250 Pa);
    Thermal efficiency up to 95%;
    Duct diameter, mm: 4x180;
    Electric heater power, W: 1000;
    Dimensions, mm: 750 x 650 x 560. 

    Brink Climate Systems
  • The Flair 400 Enthalpy is a ventilation unit for the balanced ventilation of dwellings with heat recovery.


    ▪ Maximum capacity 400 m3/h;
    ▪ High return plastic heat exchanger;
    ▪ Filters ISO Coarse 60%;
    ▪ Modular electric preheater;
    ▪ Automatic bypass valve;
    ▪ Touchscreen;
    ▪ Adjustable air quantity;
    ▪ Filter indication on the appliance and the possibility of a filter indication on the multiple switch ▪ An intelligent frost protection including modular preheater;
    ▪ Low sound level;
    ▪ Constant flow control.

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