Recuperator BRINK Renovent Flair 325 ENTHALPY

  • Recuperator BRINK Renovent Flair 325 ENTHALPY

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    Enthalpy plate heat exchanger;
    Energy class: A+;
    Installation: vertical;
    Maximum device performance, m³/h: 325 (250 Pa);
    Thermal efficiency up to 91%;
    Duct diameter, mm: 4x160;
    Electric heater power, W: 1000;
    Dimensions, mm: 750 x 650 x 560. 

    Brink Climate Systems
  • The Flair 325 Enthalpy and the Flair 325 Enthalpy Plus is a ventilation unit for the balanced ventilation of dwellings with heat recovery.


    ▪ Maximum capacity 325 m3/h;
    ▪ High return plastic heat exchanger;
    ▪ Filters ISO Coarse 60%;
    ▪ Modular electric preheater;
    ▪ Automatic bypass valve;
    ▪ Touchscreen;
    ▪ Adjustable air quantity;
    ▪ Filter indication on the appliance and the possibility of a filter indication on the multiple switch ▪ An intelligent frost protection including modular preheater;
    ▪ Low sound level;
    ▪ Constant flow control.

    The Flair 325 Enthalpy is available in two types:

    ▪ the "Flair 325 Enthalpy";
    ▪ the “Flair 325 Enthalpy Plus”.

    The Flair 325 Enthalpy Plus has, compared with standard Flair 325 Enthalpy, an extra pcb giving this more functions/ connection possibilities.
    These installation instructions describe both the standard Flair 325 Enthalpy and the Flair 325 Enthalpy Plus.
    The Flair 325 Enthalpy and the Flair 325 Enthalpy Plus are available in Left-hand and Right-hand versions; it is not possible to convert the left and right-hand models into one another.
    For the correct connection ducts and dimensions.
    It is possible, however, to later equip the appliance with a Plus pcb.
    The appliance comes ready to plug in with a 230 V mains plug. 

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