Recuperator BRINK Renovent Flair 225

  • Recuperator BRINK Renovent Flair 225

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    Productivity, m3/h: 225;
    Heat return, %: 92;
    Installation: vertical;
    Energy class: A+. 

    Brink Climate Systems
  • Technical data:

    Air content (at 250 Pa) max. 225 m³/h;
    Thermal efficiency according to EN 13141-7 up to 98.4%;
    Specific fan power (SPI) according to EN 13141-7 0.15 W/m³/h;
    Thermal efficiency according to PHI* 91%;
    Specific fan power (SPI) according to PHI* 0.21 W/m³/h;
    Duct connectors, mm: 4x125;
    Dimensions (H x W x D), mm: 600 x 650 x 455;
    Constant-flow: yes;
    Summer flap: yes;
    Built-in outdoor air heater: yes, 700W.
    * PHI=Passive House Institute 

    Excellent ventilation 

    The Flair is the basis of a central balanced ventilation system with heat recovery (HRV). This system ensures a balanced supply of fresh air and exhaust of foul air. The air flows in the unit remain separated to ensure that the heat is kept inside, which saves energy. In addition, the Flair is packed with innovations that put it far ahead of the future when it comes to performance, compactness, installation & service convenience, completeness, connectivity, expandability and filtering. 

    Compact and flexible 

    All Flair versions are extremely compact. The Flair 225 really stands out in this respect. This unit is the perfect choice for apartments and it is a smart solution for replacement. The wide range of versions offers great design flexibility. The Flair
    is available as a left-hand and right-hand version with four top connections (4/0). The Flair 325 and 400 also come with two connections at the top and two at the bottom (2/2) as well as with enthalpy exchanger. For every unit an optional Plus print is availabe for even more connection possibilities. 

    Extraordinary performance 

    The Flair range includes Flair 225, Flair 325 and Flair 400 with respective ventilation capacities of 225, 325 and 400 m3/h. Its aerodynamic design makes the Flair more effective, quieter and considerably more energy-efficient than similar products. The unique constant flow fans, combined with the integrated control system, ensure a perfect balance between incoming and outgoing air. 

    Installation and service convenience 

    The Flair range is designed identically. That saves time at both installation and maintenance. The diversity of service parts is negligible. 

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