Plastic air exhaust diffuser, DVLF125

  • Plastic air exhaust diffuser, DVLF125

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    Exhaust air terminal device DVLF is a circular disc valve with a valve cone of aerodynamic design. This valve possesses excellent characteristics with regard to noise level, pressure drop and air flow capacity. The design of the sound absorbent reduces the risk of cross-talk noise. The device, which is designed for wall-mounting or, alternatively, for ceiling- mounting, is available in five sizes to suit duct connections with a diameter between 80 mm and 200 mm

    The design of the valve in conjunction with a Moltopren packing prevents dirtying of the ceiling and walls. 

  • Material and surface finish

    The device is made of polypropylene plastic which is recycleable and withstands temperatures up to 100°C. The materials used in the device are also resistant to most chemicals in small concentrations.

    The device is supplied in white RAL9002 as standard.


    The device can be cleaned with a cloth moistened with a mild synthetic cleaning or washing agent.


    The cone is screwed out by the number of revolutions necessary to provide the orifice opening in mm corresponding to the pressure drop and the desired air flow according to the graph. The pressure drop is checked by introducing a suitable measurement probe into the front behind the valve cone.