Multifunctional air distribution box PLUGGALAXY

  • Multifunctional air distribution box PLUGGALAXY

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    Multifunctional plenum for air distribution terminals. Made entirely of ABS allows the connection with hose in the rear, top or side position. Set comes with control dampers and a large range of accessories for a quick and easy installation.

    1 pcs damper on spigot 75mm,
    1 pcs spigot d75mm,
    anti-slipping clip,
    protective cover. 

  • Connection from 3 sides.

    The box is for a single gypsum walls/ceiling.

    In the package: 1 pc. connection with balancing valve and pipe clamp, blinds - 4 pcs., protective cover.

    Suitable for grilles: Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Terra, Venus.