Mini recuperator Zehnder ComfoSpot 50 enthalpy

  • Mini recuperator Zehnder ComfoSpot 50 enthalpy

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    An absolute novelty in the Zehnder range is the decentralized ventilation unit, Zehnder ComfoSpot 50, capable of pumping up to 55 m³/h of air and operating extremely quietly due to the internal EPP coating. The sound pressure level in this device remains below the audible range. The device is equipped with an enthalpy heat exchanger that stands out in its class. Installation of the Zehnder ComfoSpot 50 requires only minor disturbances to the building structure. The outer and inner wall covers are made of durable plastic and can be painted as needed. This allows you to match the wall/interior color. 

  • Advantages:

    • Compact dimensions (height x width x depth): 376x380x49 mm, length 350 - 600 mm.
    • Aesthetic design.
    • Productivity: 50 m³/h.
    • Enthalpy cross-counterflow converter.
    • Efficiency: heat recovery up to 82%, moisture recovery up to 78%.
    • Antifreeze system.
    • The unit does not require a condensate drain.
    • Touch control panel in the body of the device.
    • A passage through the wall and an external wall air intake and exhaust are required.
    • Supply and exhaust on the sides of the unit.
    • Intended for installation on the external wall inside the room.
    • The combination of a convenient ventilation unit and original Zehnder filters (according to ISO 16890) ensures dust-free indoor air and maximum hygiene.