Mini recuperator BRINK Air 70

  • Mini recuperator BRINK Air 70

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    Productivity, m3/h: 70;
    Heat return, %: 80;
    Heat exchanger type: plate;
    Moisture return - does not return moisture;
    No outdoor grill;
    Outdoor air heater, W: 175;
    Energy class: A. 

    Brink Climate Systems
  • The Air 70 is the ultimate solution that combines all characteristics for heat recovery ventilation in one compact unit. It is the most silent decentral appliance available.
    No air ducts required. That makes the Air 70 an excellent choice for ventilating standalone spaces. The appliance can completely be installed in the exterior wall and its characteristics make it particularly suitable for renovation applications, alterations or compact new properties.

    The advantages at a glance

    • Very low noise load;
    • Approved under European regulations EN13141-8;
    • 100% bypass;
    • Efficiency up to 92%;
    • Highly energy-efficient;
    • Easy to install.

    Decentral ventilation

    The Air 70 is a decentral heat recovery ventilation appliance (HRV). The appliance is very easily installed in an exterior wall. The venti- lation air is supplied and discharged straight through the exterior wall. No ducts system required.


    The compact appliance hood on the inside of the wall is of a slim, unobtrusive design. You can paint the Air 70 in any colour you desire, just follow the instructions. That makes the Air 70 blend in with in any interior. There is a choice of grilles in various colours for the façade.

    Silent and low-energy

    With its sophisticated technology, the Air 70 is a very silent decen- tral ventilation appliance. On top of that, the energy consumption of the appliance is very low. The fresh supply air is guided through the built-in tube heat exchanger where it is preheated by the stale and warm air that is exhausted from the space. That results in adequate ventilation with hardly any heat losses.

    Small size, great power

    The Air 70 is a compact decentral ventilation appliance. Its ventilation capacity is high: up to 70 m3/h, while the diameter of the duct in the exterior wall is still very small (Ø 250 mm). Moreover, the appliance fully complies with the European regulations (EN 13141-8).

    100% bypass

    In summer, the appliance uses the cooler night air. No need to open a window, the 100% bypass will be activated automatically. That makes the home more comfortable and it keeps out the noise, but the vermin as well.

    Frost protection

    The thermal efficiency will not be affected by low outdoor tem- peratures. The built-in preheater prevents the heat exchanger from freezing and ensures that the airflow through the Air 70 is maintained.

    Simple control

    A standard, the appliance is controlled with two touch buttons. The five LEDs display the various settings and messages.