Filter set (2 pcs.) Salda Smarty 2R V PLUS

  • Filter set (2 pcs.) Salda Smarty 2R V PLUS

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    Filter set: ePM10-65 (supply air) + ePM10-65 (extract air).
    2 pcs.

    Replacement filter sets for recuperators. The set includes the required amount of filters for filtering the supply and exhaust air. Only original filters are tested and adapted to the device, thus ensuring air flow balance, low energy consumption and an optimal period of operation. 

  • Features:

    Pocket filters (FMK);
    Material: polyester;
    Frame: Aluzinc 185. No sharp edges;
    Corrosion resistance: C4;
    Quilted filter pockets;
    Longer operating period;
    Meets the requirements for hygienic facilities.