Domekt-R-400-F C6M air filters

  • Domekt-R-400-F C6M air filters

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    The filters are made of syntetic fabric wirh a cardboard frame and made of environmentally friendly materials.
    The filters are charactierised by their large filtration area and durability.
    M5 filters trap medium-sized dust, lint and most pollen - the most suitable for everyday protection of your home, for exhaus air.
    F7 filters trap smellest dust and pollen; anti-allergenic filters, not suitable for exhaust air.

    Dimensions, mm: 346×258×46.

    Filter classes:
    M5 - ePM10 50 (particle retention of 0,3-10 µm diameter wirh 50% efficiency), economic.
    F7 - ePM1 55 (particle retention of 0,3-10 µm diameter at 70% efficiency), efficient.