Brink Touch Control remote control

  • Brink Touch Control remote control

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    Brink Touch Control makes it easy and simple to adjust the settings of the ventilation unit. The intelligent Touch Control interface makes it easy to adapt to the desired ventilation settings for your home. Whether adjusting manually or using timer programming, Touch Control ensures excellent air quality in the home.

    Brink Climate Systems
  • Main functions of the remote control:

    • 3 manually changeable ventilation settings.
    • Program the days and hours when the system should switch on and off.
    • Holiday mode: switch the system off during holidays.
    • System fault messages with corresponding fault code.
    • Filter notification (when should the filter be changed).
    • Possibility to reset the message when the filter is changed.
    • When the display is not working, only the time and the current ventilation setting are shown.

    Suitable for Brink Flair, Brink Flair Enthalpy, Brink Renovent Excellent.

    Timer app:

    The timer programme allows you to program several switching points per day when the ventilation automatically operates in presence or absence mode. "The Touch Control system includes a daily programme, which sets the same switching points for each day of the week, and a weekly programme, which allows individual switching points to be set for each day. It is also possible to manually change the ventilation mode temporarily to a different switching point, and the programme then continues automatically according to a predefined schedule.

    Holiday mode:

    In case of long-term absence, a holiday mode can be activated where the number of days of absence is set. In this mode, the ventilation speed is reduced to save energy.

    Filter messages and fault warnings:

    When filters need to be changed or in the event of a fault, a message will appear on the Touch Control display. The filter message can be reset when the filter is changed. Faults are displayed with the appropriate codes to help the installer determine where in the installation maintenance should be carried out. The communication cable between the recuperator and the remote control is double shielded (cable diameter 0.5-0.8 mm²) and is used for eBus connection.

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    Recuperator controller Brink Air Control:

    Fan speed regulation;
    Recuperator working time programming;
    Setting ventilation modes;
    Filter replacement indicator;
    Language selection;
    Fault mapping;
    Warranty: 2 years.

    Suitable for all BRINK Renovent recuperators. 

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