Air to air heat pump GREE Airy White 5.3/5.6 KW

  • Air to air heat pump GREE Airy White 5.3/5.6 KW

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    Exclusive design with white inner unit;
    Cooling/heating capacity, kW: 2.7/3.0;
    SCOP (heating) efficiency up to 4.6;
    SEER efficiency ratio (cooling) up to 9.0;
    Energy efficiency class (cooling/heating): A+++/A++;
    Efficient heating down to -25 °C;
    Ultra-quiet operation up to 22 B(A);
    Automatic cleaning;
    Dehumidification function;
    3D airflow and 7 fan speeds;
    "I-Feel function;
    +8 °C function;
    Ioniser, cold plasma and UVC function;
    Short defrost time (up to 3 min, down to -10°C);
    G-AI self-learning technology, which saves up to 10% energy per year;
    Warranty 3 years (with annual maintenance).

  • Technical characteristics:

    Power (cooling), kW 5.3 (1.0-6.5)
    Power (heating), kW 5.6 (1.1-6.8)
    Nom. el. power (min.-max.) during cooling, kW 1.472 (0.1-2.3)
    Nom el. power (min.-max.) during heating, kW 1.365 (0.18-2.3)
    Maximum current (cooling/heating), A 6.6/6.2
    SEER/SCOP 8.5/4.6
    Effective efficiency EER/COP 3.6/4.1
    Energy efficiency class (cooling/heating) A+++/A++
    Annual electricity consumption (cooling/heating), kWh 218/1248
    Air volume (max/avg/min), m3/h 660/730/790/850/910/1000/1100
    Noise level of the inner part (max/avg/min), dB(A) 34/37/39/40/42/45/47
    Noise level of the external part (max/avg/min), dB(A) 59
    Dimensions (inner part), mm 327x1101x249
    Dimensions (external part), mm 969x347x257
    Weight (internal/external part), kg 17.5/40
    Pipe connection diameter (liquid/gas), inches 1/4"/ 1/2"
    Pipeline length (min./max.), m 3/25
    Maximum height difference, m 10
    Operating temperature limits during cooling (min./max.), C -15~50
    Operating temperature limits during heating (min./max.), C -25~30
    Operating temperature limits of the internal part (min./max.), C 16~30
    Compressor Type rotary
    Freon R32
    Freon quantity/replenishment from, kg/m 0.95/5.0
    Amount of freon addition, g/m 16
    Power supply/supply to the part, V-Ph-Hz 220-1-50 to the outer part
    Cable between inner and outer part, mm2 4x1.5
    Input wire, mm2 3x1.5
    Automatic circuit breaker, A 16