Air to air heat pump Daikin Nordic Stylish FTXTA30 + RXTA30B

  • Air to air heat pump Daikin Nordic Stylish FTXTA30 + RXTA30B

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    Heats up to -25 degrees C outside air temperature;
    Intended for an area of up to 60 square meters. m.;
    Freon: R32;
    Energy class: A+++/A++;
    Integrated Wi-Fi control;
    The inner unit can be white or black;
    Country of origin: Japan. 

  • Product Features

    • Guaranteed heating capacity at low ambient temperature, down to -25°C
    • When installed close to a heating device (e.g. fire place or oven) and the set temperature is reached, the fan keeps on running to have an even temperature throughout the whole house
    • A compact and functional design suitable for all interiors in a matt crystal white finish
    • The Coanda effect optimises the airflow for a comfortable climate. By using specially designed flaps, a more focused airflow allows a better temperature distribution throughout the whole room
    • The intelligent thermal sensor determines the current room temperature and distributes air evenly throughout the room before switching to an airflow pattern that directs warm or cool air to areas that need it
    • Seasonal efficiency values up to A+++ in cooling and heating
    • Onecta app: control your indoor from any location with an app, via your local network or internet.
    • Voice command via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control main functions such as set point, operation mode, fan speed, etc
    • Choosing for an R-32 product, reduces the environmental impact with 68% compared to R-410A and leads directly to lower energy consumption thanks to its high energy efficiency
    • Using electrons to trigger chemical reactions with air borne particles, the Flash Streamer breaks down allergens such as pollen and fungal allergens and removes bothersome odours providing a better, cleaner air
    • Practically inaudible: the unit runs so quietly, you will almost forget it is there.

    Technical data:

    Heating power (Min./nom./max.), kW 0.8/3.2/6.9
    Maximum heating power at -15°C, kW 4.7
    Maximum heating power at -20°C, kW 4.3
    Maximum heating power at -25°C, kW 3.7
    Cooling capacity (Min./nom./max.), kW 0.7/3.0/4.5
    SCOP in Heating, W/W 5.1
    SEER in Refrigeration, W/W 7.63
    Energy class in heating/cooling A+++/A++
    Internal air flow (max.), m³/h 714
    Sound pressure at a distance of 1 m
    Indoor unit (heating), dB(A) 19/24/31/41
    Indoor unit (refrigerator), dB(A) 20/25/32/43
    Outdoor unit (heating), dB(A) 49
    Outdoor unit (refrigerator), dB(A) 48
    Dimensions indoor/outdoor unit, mm 798x295x189/763x551x312  
    Weight indoor/outdoor unit, kg 11.5/38
    Diameter of connection pipes (Gas + liquid), inches 1/4"+3/8"
    Freon R32
    Filled amount of freon, gr(m) 1100(10)
    Additional amount of freon, gr/m 20
    Maximum pipeline length / height difference, m 20/15
    Operating outdoor temperature in cooling/heating, °C  -10 ~ 46 / -25 ~18
    Power supply 220-240V/1f/50Hz
    Power supply external
    Power cable, mm² 3x2.5
    Interblock k., mm² 4x1.0
    El. power (nom.), kW 0.71
    Automatic switch, A 16