Air supply diffuser, Zehnder Luna S125

  • Air supply diffuser, Zehnder Luna S125

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    The Zehnder ComfoValve Luna S125 supply air valve provides comfortable indoor ventilation. Due to its optimised outflow behaviour (Coanda effect), the valve meets the perfect requirements in terms of comfort and noise, and is rounded off by a discreet, appealing design. Zehnder ComfoValve Luna S125 is suitable for installation in ceilings and walls. Due to an integrated rubber seal, the valve can be installed easily and achieves an air-tight fit. The valve can be adjusted for the required air volume using the "Flow Cone", a restrictor unit with optimised flow, without requiring any tools; this saves time during installation and start-up. The air volume setting is secured using the lock specially developed for this purpose; the setting therefore cannot be modified inadvertently. The valve protrudes just 30 mm in spite of the various volume flow settings, and it blends harmoniously and discreetly into any interior. 

    Suitable for stretch ceilings. 

  • Advantages:

    • Optimised performance with air volumes up to 45 m³/h possible, specifically designed for comfortable indoor ventilation.
    • Hygienic and clean indoor climate due to integrated rubber seal for air-tight installation.
    • Greater comfort because of the innovative outflow behaviour (Coanda effect) for ventilation without draughts and with extremely low noise levels.
    • Greater freedom of valve location because of the optional Zehnder Air Blocker, the outflow angle can be reduced to 240°.
    • Time saving during installation and start-up by means of the restrictor unit with optimised flow, while 25 setting positions enable a wide range of applications.
    • High level of customer satisfaction through carefully selected, high-quality materials which are UV and scratch resistant as well as being easy to clean.