Air extraction diffuser, Zehnder Luna E125

  • Air extraction diffuser, Zehnder Luna E125

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    The Zehnder ComfoValve Luna E extract air valve is suitable for installation in ceilings and walls. An intuitive assembly concept and an integrated rubber seal make air-tight installation of the valve easy. 75 rastered adjustment positions enable the air volume to be adjusted easily and very precisely without the need for tools. Using the 25 numbers on the control disc and 3 levels, the valve position can be read off and documented during commissioning in the documentation fields on the back of the valve. Once regulated, the valve can also be secured using the purpose-designed locking mechanism; this prevents the adjustment position from being modified inadvertently. The installation height of the Zehnder ComfoValve Luna E extract air valve has remained unchanged at 30 mm despite changes to the adjustment positions, meaning that it can be perfectly integrated. Thanks to incredibly quiet circulation noises, Zehnder ComfoValve Luna meets the most stringent of requirements with regard to noise, performance and design, as well as delivering maximum living comfort. 

    Suitable for stretch ceilings.

  • Advantages:

    • Operating range for air volumes up to 75 m³/h.
    • Time savings gained in tool-free installation and commissioning with 75 rastered adjustment positions of the valve, allowing precise and easy adjustment as well as documentation of the valve position during commissioning.
    • A timeless, slim and discreet design combined with an unchanged adjustment height of 30 mm, ensuring harmonious integration.
    • Locking the air flow setting prevents it being modified inadvertently during cleaning.
    • Perfect combination with supply air valve Zehnder ComfoValve Luna S in open living/dining kitchens.
    • High level of customer satisfaction through carefully selected, high-quality materials which are UV-resistant, scratch-resistant, colourfast and easy to clean.