Air Excellent AE45SC Seal Ring

  • Air Excellent AE45SC Seal Ring

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    An AE45SC (140x50mm) duct accessory used to make airtight mechanical connections without tape or sealants (airtightness class C = ATC 3 up to +/- 2000 Pa).

    • Low system pressure loss due to radial design.
    • Airtightness class C/ATC 2 up +/- 2000 Pa, which minimises fan energy use and sound production.
    • Modular manifolds, which can be used with all duct types.
    • Semi-rigid ducts on a roll and airtight mechanical connections, which are extremely easy to install.
    • TÜV SÜD and ISEGA tested and certified, REACH compliant.
  • Technical data

    Comm. dimension, mm 50x140
    Material Plastic
    Anti static
    Colour red
    Length gross, mm 109
    Height, mm 53
    Width, mm 176
    Net weight, kg 0,085
    Temperature resistance (min.) -20°C
    Temperature resistance (maks.) 60°C