Air conditioner GREE PULAR 6.2/6.5 KW

  • Air conditioner GREE PULAR 6.2/6.5 KW

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    Useful performance factor SCOP up to 6.1;
    Energy efficiency class A++/A+++;
    Heating up to -15C outside air temperature;
    Cooling down to -15C outside air temperature;
    +8C temperature maintenance function;
    "I Feel" feature;
    Wi-Fi control by smartphone;
    G10 Inverter technology;
    The wall-mounted control panel XK76 is equipped additionally;
    Warranty 3 years;
    Made in China. 

  • An air-conditioner with G10 Inverter technology, which has low-frequency performance, makes the equipment much quieter and consumes less electricity.
    Heating effectively when the outdoor temperature drops to to -15°C.

    Technical characteristics:

    Cooling/heating power: 6,2/6,5 kW;
    Energy efficiency class (cooling/heating): A++/A+++;
    Efficiency factor SEER: 7,0;
    Efficiency factor SCOP: 5,3;
    Noise level: 25 to 46 dB(A);
    Air usage: 600 to 1050 m³/h;
    Refrigerant R32 is used;
    Internal unit operating temperature range: +16 to +30°C;
    Auto cleaning;
    Control using a smartphone using Wi-Fi - integrated WIFI module;
    “I Feel” function - it cools or warms the area where you place the control panel. This is useful if you do not want to refrigerate or heat the whole room but want comfort only in the intended place;;
    + 8 ° C function - convenient to use if you leave premises for a long time;;
    You can add more than one inner unit to one external unit;
    Supplied with a control panel to select the desired working mode (cooling, heating, sleep mode, turbo, noise-free operation), fan swelling rate, etc. Additionally, a control panel for wall mounting can be ordered;
    The device is protected from freezing.
    Noise level: 57dB(A).
    Pipe connection diameter (liquid - gas): 1/4" - 1/2".
    Maximum height difference between internal and external units: 10 metres.
    Min/Max pipeline length: 3/25 m. 

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