Aerfoam coupling for the connection of a blown polyethylene duct

  • Aerfoam coupling for the connection of a blown polyethylene duct

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    The Aerfoam connector is used to make airtight, mechanical connections between Aerfoam components (airtightness class D = ATC 2 up to +/- 200 Pa).

    • Insulated
    • Extremely easy and safe to cut to length
    • Airtight mechanical connections, which are extremely easy to install
    • Airtightness class D/ATC 2 up +/- 200 Pa, which minimises fan energy use and sound production
    • EPD certified and REACH compliant.

    Diameter, mm: 125, 160, 180, 200. 

  • Technical data

    Comm. dimension, mm 125/160/180/200
    Material PP
    Colour grey
    Shape Circular
  • Alternative goods

    Coupling, EPS-X
    Code: EPSM-X

    Made of plastic;
    Diameters, mm: 125; 160. 

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    Zehnder ComfoPipe Compact sleeve
    Code: SKU#169987667674079611

    Zehnder ComfoPipe Compact is a self-supporting and lightweight tube system for outdoor and exhaust air as well as supply and extract air. The connection system includes close-fitting, pluggable, and robust connections and has very high thermal insulation properties. Furthermore, with its closed-cell and vapour-tight surface, it also satisfies leakage classifications up to Class D.
    The ComfoPipe sleeve is available in DN 125, 160 and 200.

    905  - 1040  VAT incl.