Panasonic Inverter+ heat pump CS-CZ25WKE/ CU-CZ25WKE

  • Panasonic Inverter+ heat pump CS-CZ25WKE/ CU-CZ25WKE

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    Inverter+ greater device efficiency, comfort and quieter operation.
    Effectively heats even at -25 °C outdoor temperature, tested in an independent testing institute.

  • Technical data:

    Compressor type INVERTER+
    Nominal cooling capacity (minimum~maximum), kW 2,5 (0,85-3,0)
    Nominal heating power (minimum~maximum), kW 3,4 (0,85-5,20)
    Cooling efficiency (EER)/(SEER) 6,6
    Coefficient of efficiency for heating (COP)/(SCOP) 4,1
    Room area in heating mode up to, m2 80
    Room area in cooling mode up to, m2 35
    Electric power in heating, kW 0,73 (0,18-1,45)
    Electrical power in refrigeration, kW 0,53 (0,18-0,73)
    Cooling capacity, kW 2,5 (0,85-3,0)
    Noise level of the indoor unit, dB 40/34/26/21
    Noise level of the external unit, dB 47/43
    Dimensions of the internal unit, mm 290x850x199
    Dimensions of the external unit, mm 622x824x299  
    Temperature range -25 iki +43
    Weight of the internal unit, kg 8
    Weight of the external unit, kg 36
    Maximum length of pipes, m 20
    Pipe diameter mm (inch) Liquid phase / Gas phase  1/4" / 3/8"
    Automatic defrosting
    Auto mode
    Energy saving mode
    Auto restart
    EUROVENT certificate
    Remote control

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