Metal air supply diffuser, DVSQ-P125

  • Metal air supply diffuser, DVSQ-P125

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    Powder coated square valve.

    DVSQ-P is a supply valve suitable for houses, offices etc.

    • Good adjusting features.
    • Low noise level.
    • Quick and easy to install.
    • Airflow easy to measure.
    • Color: RAL9010.
    • Up to 30 m3/h for air volume. 

    The DVSQ-P is manufactured from steel sheet, powder coated. Standard color white (RAL 9010).
    The valve body has a gasket, made of cellular plastic and the control disc, with screw spindle, enables easy regulation and positional locking.
    The valve is closed when the valve actuating element is placed on -10 mm from the zero-plane, while it is totally opened when the valve actuating element is placed on 7 mm from the zero- plane (3 foto). For one turn of the valve actuating element it is longitudinally displaced for 1 mm.


    Regulation of airflow is achieved by turning the control disc to change adjustment dimension s (mm). The measurement of airflow is made by a pressure difference measurement with a separate measuring tube.