Flexible duct SilverStandart30BK, 75/63 mm, 50 m

  • Flexible duct SilverStandart30BK, 75/63 mm, 50 m

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    Duct diameter (largest/smallest), mm: 75/63;
    Antistatic and antibacterial coating (30 ppm Ag);
    Roll 50 m. 

    OVA System
  • SilverStandard30 75/63 is a duct for ventilation systems in individual houses and apartments. It is made of high quality HDPE polyethylene with antibacterial coating.

    OVA SYSTEM ducts are characterized by high flexibility and resistance, so they can be filled with structural concrete. The undoubted advantage of OVA SYSTEM ventilation ducts made of polyethylene is that they do not rust, and the air pockets built into the duct structure ensure noise suppression and isolation between the flowing air and the environment.