Flexible duct AGIX75, 50M

  • Flexible duct AGIX75, 50M

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    The price of 1 meter is only 2.58 eur!

    Flexible duct, corrugated on the outside, smooth on the inside with antistatic, 100% antibacterial, antifungal coating. Pink color. Inner/outer – 63/75mm, inner waviness <8%; >450N. Minimum bending – 225mm, air flow – 33.67 m3/h (3m/s) The duct is sold in rolls of 50 meters. 

  • The flexible ducts of the “FITT Agix” recuperation system are designed according to the strictest ventilation and air conditioning requirements and are certified according to the European standard “EN 17192”. This standard indicates the product’s compliance with operating temperature, reaction to flammability class, thermal resistance, resistance to antimicrobial substances, system tightness, etc.

    Previously, each product’s conformity to a different characteristic was defined by different European standards. At that time, in the case of the FITT Agix product, conformity to a whole series of different characteristics is identified by one European standard “EN 17192”.

    FITT Agix pink ducts have a high resistance to static and elastic loads: they can be laid in ceilings, floors or walls.

    Ducts are extremely flexible, due to their very small bending radius, when installing them, it is extremely easy to bypass obstacles and adapt to the most difficult installation site conditions. The click connector technology makes the Agix FITT system easier to install on the ceiling, wall or floor.

    Pink ducts, like other flexible duct systems, are installed in the ceiling, walls or floor, so the bright color of the product will not be visible in the interior of the house or other space where the ventilation system is installed.

    In developing this product, FITT collaborated with Sanitized AG (Switzerland), the world’s leading manufacturer of antimicrobial agents, which has a laboratory capable of testing legionella bacteria and mold growth on duct walls. FITT Agix ducts with Sanitized antibacterial treatment guarantee 99% less growth of bacteria and mold on the inner surface of the duct. The internal structure of the ducts is treated with antistatic materials, which provides antibacterial, antiviral and antistatic protection and prevents dust deposits, mold formation, and the appearance of bad odors in the house.

    Thanks to Sanitized antibacterial and antistatic materials used in the production of ducts, FITT Agix ducts help create a healthy home environment, ensure extremely high indoor air quality and prevent various allergies and asthma.

    The duct is certified with the Sanitized certificate