F7 filter for recuperator ENSY 350BH/BV, 400BH/BV

  • F7 filter for recuperator ENSY 350BH/BV, 400BH/BV

    Code: W2YGL-F7-165X370X94
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    The filter is suitable for Ensy recuperators AHU-350bh, AHU-350bv, AHU-400BH and AHU-400BV;
    Dimensions (height x width x depth), mm: 200x300x20.
    Country of origin: Lithuania.

  • Compact filter ePM1 55 370x165x94-C with cardboard frame. Application - in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

    Compact filters clean the air from the smallest particles that are invisible to the eye. Used in ventilation systems that require a large filtering area and compact filter dimensions.

    Filter class: F7

    Frame: moisture-proof cardboard or high-quality strong plastic.

    Filter material: high quality polypropylene and polyester.

    Sealant: polyester.

    Maximum allowable temperature/relative humidity: 70°C/100%.

    One ventilation unit requires 2 filters.