Domekt-R-250/400-F C6 air filter (1 pc.), F7

  • Domekt-R-250/400-F C6 air filter (1 pc.), F7

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    Holds the smallest dust and pollen;
    Anti-allergic filters;
    Dimensions, mm: 278x258x46;
    Filtration class: ePM1 55 (retention of particles with a diameter of 0.3-10 µm at 70% efficiency), effective;
    Not suitable for exhaust air filtering!


  • Information on changing filters:

    • It is necessary to change the recuperator filters when the indicators of the device report contamination of the air filter. It is recommended to change at least every 4 months or more often, depending on the environment where you live, the pollution and the intensity of use of the ventilation unit.
    • The recuperator filter is a one-time product, it is not recommended to reuse it after vacuuming, shaking or otherwise cleaning it.
    • Before changing the filters, it is recommended to turn off the ventilation unit, thus protecting it from the inclusion of dust and other unwanted objects.
    • When changing the filters, it is recommended to clean the filter mounting section as well.
    • Dirty filters unbalance your ventilation system, the device uses more energy, emits more noise.